Benefits of a document management system

Going paperless can be a difficult decision for organizations to make. The process itself is multi-layered in nature and in order to be truly effective, it requires a mindset shift that must be adopted throughout a company. Stria understands that this process can be overwhelming to think about, but the benefits of converting data stored on paper into a digital format are numerous.

A recent report from the Star News, a news publication based in Minnesota, highlighted a successful paperless initiative instituted by the Sherburne County Government Center. The process itself took more than five years to complete, but the end result was a more effective and efficient system for the county at large.

"Our transition to paperless will be a huge benefit to the department and county in many ways," J. Hancuch, director of the Sherburne Country probation department, told the newspaper. "We're very thankful to the County Board for their support and our information technology department for their expertise in completing the transition."

After the document management system was put in place, the conversion process was relatively inexpensive, costing just $73,000 to complete.

Benefits of document management software
Stria is fully aware that for many organizations, integrating the use of a document management system can seem extensive, but there are a number of inherent benefits that can be realized immediately.

A recent article from Daze Info listed several advantages, however, the most important is the ease in which data can be input into the system and organized. Additionally, once information has been scanned, it can be easily manipulated and securely stored.

Going paperless can seem overwhelming on the front end, but by maintaining focus on the back end benefits, the transition process can be a much less taxing experience.