Services and Software to Securely Manage School Records.

Scanning Services for Student Records

Permanent retention of student records can be difficult, especially when ink and paper are not durable mediums. Indelible storage can be ensured, however, through digital image conversion by Stria professionals. Educators, administrators and board members can find peace of mind knowing that their scanned and permanently stored files will be regularly backed up in your system of choice, tucked away free from disasters. Imagine searching and retrieving cumulative files and IEPs without leaving your desk.

Imperative Security

Security is imperative when handling documents such as student records, report cards, medical files, human resource files and transcripts. Stria works at converting your files diligently and carefully in a FERPA and HIPAA compliant facility where security is regarded with utmost importance.

Ed Central Software

Ed Central is a FERPA compliant web-based application that allows schools and districts to store and manage digital documents. This platform provides online forms, scanning functions, workflow tools and document management features needed to securely manage your files. The software integrates with your school’s Student Information System (SIS) program and enables you to manage your own digital records and workflows. Common Ed Central use cases include but are not limited to student record storage, scanning of files, transportation request workflows, facility use workflows, board packet management, attendance records and data reporting.

HR Central Software

HR Central is a HIPAA compliant web-based application that integrates with your Human Resources Information System (HRIS). This software enables you to create and manage electronic employee files, eForms and workflows for active and termed employees.

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