Stria’s QuikVid Series: How to Prep and Stage Files for Scanning
A quick tutorial designed to guide you step-by-step on the 'prep' and 'staging' process of scanning.
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Document Migration and System Integration Services
Learn about Stria's Document Migration and System Integration services.
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Customer Testimonial
Three local business leaders, Mike Young, Stacy Valdez, and Joe Hay, explain how Stria helped their respective companies accelerate business processes and improve overall efficiency.
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22 Steps Document Conversion
Learn about each of the 22 steps taken for successful document conversation
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Jim Burke Ford Case Study
As a top 100 operating Ford dealership in America, Jim Burke Ford needed paperless solutions after recognizing improvements were needed. Scanning was being handled in multiple departments with different ways of processing, varying quality standards and output and inconsistent training when people left.
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Kern Schools Federal Credit Union Case Study
Kern Schools Federal Credit Union is the largest member-owned full-service institution in Kern County. An audit discovered a number of inefficiencies and risks related to storage and retrieval of critical documents.
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