Why Outsource?

Operational Efficiency

All organizations can improve operational efficiency by implementing paperless solutions. From HR documentations to other legal requirements, to medical and client files, these cumbersome yet critically important papers can accumulate quickly. Storing these files can quickly become a problem. Instead of allowing desks to get buried under stacks of paper, spending thousands of dollars on off-site storage locations for files, and dispatching employees on company time to track down valuable documents, look for the easier way.

Conversion Technology

Using back file conversion technology, Stria converts and uploads your once cumbersome paper files into an easily searchable, cloud-like database. No longer will your staff members waste precious company time searching for a misplaced file. Our paperless solutions allow you to streamline your business processes, boosting productivity in the workplace.

Searchable Documents

Stria provides your company with all the means you need to make the initial push towards a more efficient and paperless tomorrow. Through utilizing industry-leading scanning technology, we convert files into fully searchable online documents using optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) to ensure that you can find everything you need with more ease.

Scanning Options

As a company we understand that different organizations have different needs when it comes to finding paperless solutions. For this reason, we allow each enterprise to choose to have back file scanning on or off-site. Our goal as a company is to set up a system that will optimize workflow in the most efficient way possible for you.

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