Energy-Specific Services Tailored to Fit Your Industry.

Data-Heavy Industry

The energy industry — namely gas, oil, and green energy corporations — rely on a large amount of numeric and graphical data. Stria knows that quick and easy access to this data is essential to the proper functioning and growth of your company.

Industry-Specific Services

By utilizing industry specific services such as well log digitizing, core photo processing, keypunching, and map contour digitalization, Stria can offer your company a business streamlining service that is simply unparalleled. In addition to these industry specific services, our digital services will allow energy companies to remotely update and access inventory files, securely transport sensitive data to our secure records center, and track data via GPS.

Unique Needs

Energy companies have unique financial and business information access needs. Stria’s solutions can be specifically tailored to each business’ requirements in order to ensure regulatory compliance. Stria’s services are designed specifically with the energy sector requirements in mind, all which include chain of custody documentation, industry best practices, and ISO standards. Our experienced professionals will minimize your organization’s risks while helping you become more efficient and productive.

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