Solutions to Improve Efficiency in the Public Sector.

First-Hand Understanding

Stria understands that all work involving public sector document is a sensitive process. Our founder, Jim Damian, is a former child welfare worker so he understand the needs of a caseworker first hand. Regardless of the agency or sector of the government Stria is working with, our company assists in providing secure access to critical data in a safe and timely manner.

Size is No Issue

The size of the governing body, whether that be a city, county, state, or federal agency, is not a limiting factor when considering Stria’s services. Regardless of the size, our company will digitize your documents with our state-of-the-art services, so government agencies can find electronic files with a simple query.

Moving Forward

Once scanned into the agency’s system of choice, Stria’s staff can educate and train workers on how to find information they are seeking with a couple of clicks and keystrokes. This will help those agencies scan, store, and search past and — more importantly — future documents without assistance.

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