Document Scanning

Document Scanning is part of Stria’s Production Services, our oldest division that provides document conversion services at our secure 26,000 square foot processing facility in Bakersfield, CA.

The process of successful document conversion begins after locating the content and pre-applying metadata. When the documents have been safely moved to a designated work area/secure off-site production facility, a team of cross-trained professionals will administer and prepare the files for scanning by inserting barcodes that distinguish the files.

Post-scanning, all documents will be manually reviewed to ensure total legibility. A Team Leader will then conduct additional spot checks on files and metadata in order to confirm that advanced data extraction, proper indexing, and overall quality of data is up to par.

After an overall random sample selection review by a manager ensures that optical character recognition and conversion into customer’s preferred format has taken place, files and metadata are imported into client’s repository.

At Stria we hold your documents with utmost security and confidentiality. After a client review has taken place, Strians will commence a post production check where your hard-copy documents will be securely destoryed, retained, or returned according to customer’s requests.

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